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Graphic Arts Make Life A Little Brighter

The general public doesn’t realize just how much graphic design affects their lives. At the same time, it’s impact can be felt whenever someone tries to run a stop sign or decides on a can of Coke over Pepsi, or while searching online for Online Video Game Design Degrees. It’s a field that has become as much science as art, and shows no signs of going away.

A graphic designer is a form of commercial artist who plans and executes visual concepts to communicate one kind of message or another. Their work can be seen anywhere from a bus stop, to a graphic poster or when signing onto a favorite social network. They create the layout and design of print media, displays, packaging, logos and signage systems-aka environmental graphics-for business and government. Another reason to pursue Online Telecommunications Degrees.

The days of the graphic artist leaning over a drawing board with pen, pencil and tissue paper have gone the way of the dinosaur. These days staying on top of the profession also includes some sort of computer work station and the latest in graphics and animation software.

It’s not unheard of for young graphic designers to land their first job with only two years of school. At the same time, most recruiters prefer their new artists to have a full Bachelor’s of Arts degree. Another absolutely essential hiring tool is to develop a professional-looking portfolio, attractively displaying whatever work the applicant has already done. In fact, times are changing the portfolio, with many recruiting personnel looking for the work on disk as opposed to in a binder.

Academically, the country is generously populated with a number of accredited on campus and online colleges out there. A student’s course load should include such essentials as the study of fine and commercial art, printing and other production techniques, some basics on computer animation and designing for the Internet. If anything, knowledge of the latest software packages is something absolutely essential. From there, a graphic artist should round out their education with some good liberal arts and business courses.

Another thing that a professional graphic designer must do is set up subscriptions with a number of the top graphic print and web magazines in order to stay on top of the latest graphic and packaging trends. This is an industry where even iconic designs-such as the ubiquitous McDonalds arches-are constantly being modified to keep drawing attention to themselves. After all, what is drawing crowds today could be old and over with in no time at all.

As previously intimated, graphic arts is a hard place to find steady work. Most designers are usually hired on a freelance basis, and let go as soon as the job is done. At the same time, the profession is expected to grow slightly above the national average, thanks to the need for designers on the Internet.

The average designer can make in the low $40,000 salary range while the top ones can go into the hundreds of thousands. At the same time, it’s a job that brings about an incredible amount of job satisfaction after taking online classes. After all, who wouldn’t want to say they received an online graphics and multimedia degrees?

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